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Переведите письменно текст и ответьте на вопросы по содержанию текста. this system of buying goods became very common during the first half of the twentieth century. today a large proportion of all the families in great britain buy furniture, household goods and cars by hire-purchase. in the usa, the proportion is much higher than in great britain, and people there spent over 10 percent of income on hire-purchase installments. the goods bought by hire-purchase are, in almost every case, goods that will last: radio and television sets, washing-machines, refrigerators, motor-cars and motor-cycles and articles of furniture. the price of an article bought in this way is always higher than the price that would be paid for cash. there is a charge of interest. the buyer pays a proportion, perhaps one quarter or one-third of the price when the goods are delivered to him. he then makes regular payment, weekly or monthly, until the full price has been paid. hire-purchase has advantages and disadvantages. it helps newly-married couples with small incomes to furnish their homes. it increases the demand for goods and, in this way, helps trade and employment. if families are paying each month installments on such household goods as a washer and a car, they can spend less money (or perhaps no money) uselessly on too many alcoholic drinks. 1. what goods are usually bought by hire-purchase? 2. when do the goods become the property of the buyer? 3. what, in your opinion, are the advantages and disadvantages of hire-purchase.

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  like   -alike, similar, another,parallel, resembling, akin,cognate,possible,egual,peer.

interesting- looking, cunning,readable,hutty,sapid,amusing,interectin.  




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do they do their h/w in the evening?

did it often rain last month?

did she invitу somebody to the party?

shall we have have six lessons tomorrow? но так не говорят уже, поэтому лучше написать will we have six lessons tomorrow?

is there something in the cup?

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1. i was arrested seven times 2. portraits of ancestors george peregrine was drawn from the fashionable artists of day  3. evie could be trusted. 4. she had told it was hot stuff 5. we've never asked before 6. george peregrine was stunned by a cocktail  7.they think i must be photographed 8. i was a fool 10.  long skirts were not at that time

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переведите письменно текст и ответьте на вопросы по содержанию текста.этасистема покупкитоваров распространеныв первой половинехх века.сегоднябольшаячасть всехсемейв великойбританиикупитьмебель,товары для домаи автопоаренде с правом выкупа.в сшадолянамного выше, чемв великобритании,и люди тампроработал более 10процентов доходав рассрочкурассрочку.товары, купленныепоаренде с правом выкупаявляются,почти в каждом случае, товаров, которая будет длиться: радиоприемники и телевизоры,стиральные машины, холодильники,легковые автомобилиимотоциклыипредметы мебели.цена предмета,купленных вэтом случае всегдавыше, чем цены, которые будут выплаченыза наличный расчет.существует платаинтереса.покупатель оплачиваетдолю,, одначетверть илитретьцены, когдатовар доставляетсяк нему.затем онделаетрегулярные выплаты, еженедельно или ежемесячно, до полнойцененебыл оплачен.продажа в рассрочкуимеет свои преимущества инедостатки.это домов.это увеличиваетспрос на товары и,таким образом, занятости.если семьиплатяткаждый месяцрассрочкина такие товары, какбытоваястиральная машина иавтомобиль, они могуттратить меньше денег(или, возможно,нет денег)бесполезнона себя слишком многоалкогольных напитков.1.какие товарыобычно покупаютсяпоаренде с правом выкупа? 2.когдатовары становятсясобственностью покупателя? 3.что, на вашвзгляд,преимущества и недостаткиаренды с правом выкупа.

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эта система покупки товаров стала обычной в первой половине 19 века. на сегодняшний день большой количество семей в великобритании покупают мебель, товары для дома, машины в рассрочку. в сша этим занимается большее количество людей. они тратять больше десяти процентов доход на покупки с расрочкой платежа. товары купленные в расрочку сущесвуют почти на каждый случай в жизни. товары могут боть следующие : радио и телевизионные наборы, стиральные машины холодильники легковушки, мотоциклы, и изделия мебели.

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Сократить текст для пересказа( не более 10 предложений) in modern terms, marketing is defined as the movement of goods and services from manufacturer to consumer in order to satisfy the customer and to achieve the company's objectives. it can be considered as dynamic field that involves a wide variety of activities. the abc of marketing is the so-called marketing mix. it includes the four p's: product, price, placement, and promotion. product (service) is often connected with development of a new product or service, searching the potential markets, and, finally, introduction it to the market. target market selection is the most important task for any firm. a target market is a group of individuals who will probably buy the product. that involves the development of a marketing strategy. a successful marketing mix depends on the knowledge about consumers and their buying habits, gained through market research as well as correct identification of the target market. price is the most changeable element of all the four p's. its definition is exchange of something of value for something else. there are three pricing options the company may take: above, with or below the prices its competitor are charging. for example, if the average price for blue jeans is $ 50, a company that charges $ 50, has priced with the market, a company that charges $ 47 has priced below the market, and a company that charged $ 53 has priced above the market. most companies price with the market, selling their goods and services for average prices established by major producers in the industry known as price leaders. placement involves getting the product or service to the customer. this takes place through the channels of distribution. a common channel of distribution is: manufacturer – wholesaler – retailer – customer. promotion includes all kinds of communication with individuals, groups, or organizations to directly or indirectly facilitate exchange by informing and persuading them to accept an organization product or service. there are two major ways promotion occurs: through personal selling, as in a store; and through advertising, as in a newspaper. one should distinguish advertising campaign which can be developed by personnel within the firm or in conjunction with advertising agencies, and publicity, that is the means of communication transmitted through a mass media at no charge. all marketing activities must be oriented toward creating and sustaining satisfying exchanges. both the buyer and the seller must be satisfied. the first should be satisfied with goods, services or ideas obtained in the exchange. the seller should receive something of value, usually financial reward. all marketing variables are highly interrelated. marketing helps companies generate profit, the lifeblood of economy. about half of each consumer dollar is spent on marketing activities.
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