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1. always/my father/in the morning/buys/newspapers 2. stays/in summer/never/in town/the 3. born/ they/ in st petersburg/were/in 1952/all? 4.mary/feels/sad and unhappy/seldom.

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what happened?

i forgot my book. i'm sorry mrs price

never forget your book again.

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1. is reading

2. goes

3. will be

4. has cooked

5. get up

6. will invite

7. go; was meeting

8. have done; am cleaning; clean

9. have been listening

10. went

11. have written

12. read; switched

13. will be flying

14. will lose; stops

15. would go; was

16. cooks

17. was

18. is playt

19. are telling

20. cleaned

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it’s difficult to imagine our life without shops. every day we do shopping. there are different kinds of shops. they are butcher’s, baker’s greengrocer’s where we buy meat, bread, different fruit and vegetables or clothing shops where different clothes can be bought. nowadays supermarkets and department stores are becoming more popular where people can reserve time and find a necessary good. some people go to the market. as for me i prefer going to the market because i am a poor student but i have many friends who prefer the department store to a market. i’d like to tell you about my neighbour. he prefers department store in kostroma. where there are many departments in it. the shop sells all kinds of goods for both men and women and it has many departments. in every department there is a good selection of goods. it takes a little time to buy a necessary thing. so all this goods are of good quality and so they are very expensive. my friend adores doing shopping in the department store. as for me i dislike this shop. the service is much to desired. i think that shop assistant must help to choose good things because i have no much money i have to go to the market. on one hand market goods are cheaper on the other hand i am not sure in their quality. to tell the truth i don’t like to go shopping. my mother or grandmother do shopping in my family. they do their shopping at the market because meals are always fresh and not expensive here. they buy al necessary food. but sometimes i have go to the shop if my relatives are very busy. i take a bag and go to the nearby shop. advertisements play a very important role in our life. they often help me to make my choice. at first i read advertisements in newspapers or watch them on tv and then go to the shop. to my mind advertisements are of good adviser. we can discuss this topic very long because shops are essential part of our life.

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1) my father always buys newspapers in the morning. 2) in summer he never stays in town. 3) were they all born in 1952 in st.petersburg. 4) marry seldom feels sad and unhappy. во втором ты что-то не дописал или сделал ошибку)
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my father always buys newspapers in the morning.

all they were born in st petersburg in 1952.

mary seldom feels sad and unhappy.

stays in town in summer.








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