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Составить предложение с каждым из этих слов. прошу .subtle, inevitable, occasional, mismatch, inferior, apparent.

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in the pictures you can see a little girl about 7 years. her school uniform, on her head a white bow.her appearance is very nice. besides, she looks good. she looks at the white paper with a smile. maybe she's writing something and she likes it.she carefully holds the sheet and writes out the words.

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1) why is she sleeping?

2) when do they come from school?

3) how often does tom play tennis?

4) who gathered many mushrooms?

what did they gather?

5) where have the ivanovs come recently from?

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1.i was having a stroll when i saw a car accident 2. when   dad   entered the room   mother was singing а lullaby. 3. she sat down on а chair while he was painting her portrait. 4. when   we / сотеd   from the party   he was listening to   one of his records.

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i can feel a sweet and subtle smell of a fried meat - я чцвствовал сладкийц едва уловиммый замах жаренного мяса

it was inevitable that my girlfriend would find out about my work это было незбежно. что мя подруга узнает о моей работе

we made occasional visits to my grandparents - время от времени мы навещали наших бабуше и дедушек

our evidence does not match наши показания не

i feel myself inferior to everyone я чувствую себя ниже других

it was apparent luck это была очевидная удача

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