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Мне перевести на в правельном времени текст: новый год отмечается первого января. каждый год мы наряжаем новогоднюю ёлку и годовим вкусные блюда . на праздник приезжают все родственики , мы покупаем подарки. потом мы садимся за стол и ждём наступления 12 часов. после того как куранты пробили 12 часов мы едим. а на утро я нахожу подарки под новогодней ёлкой.

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1 where's bob? in the park.hу is   playing with his friends 2 what is she doing? she is watching tv? 3 where are they going ? to the supermarket. are you going with them? 4 tim is not working at present ? really? is hу looking for a job?

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this book is worth reading. / it is worth reading this book.

this film is worth watching. / it is worth watching this film.

this food is worth trying (eating). / it is worth trying (eating) this food.

he is not worth inviting. / it is not worth inviting him.

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1) the teacher asked me to come in.

2) th doctor asked mary not to sit up late.

3) kate asked nick notto come in there.

4) boris asked me to call him the next day.

5) the teacher said that we had to write that test that day.

6) molly asked me not to aks her about that.

7) amy asked his friend to play the piano following weekend.

8) they said that we had not gardered the day before.

9) mum asked her son not to forget to clean his teeth.

10) she said that her sister had beeing learnt english


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new year is celebrated the first of january. every year we decorate the christmas tree and cook   delicious dishes. on holiday come   all the   relatives, we buy presents. then we sit down and wait for the onset of 12 hours. after the chimes struck 12pm. we eat. and in the morning i find presents   under the christmas tree.

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