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Match the transport problems (a-h) to the sentences (1-8) a - accidents b - air pollution c - dangerous driving d - delays e - traffic jams f - ticket prices g - roadworks h - narrow roads 1. it`s a really dangerous road; there was another big car crash there yesterday. 2. a taxi driver told me that he once waited eighteen hours because of the traffic on the m25 - that`s the big motorway round london 3.the trains are joke - we waited three hours for one! 4.i own`t go anywhere in a car because it just isn`t safe. there are too many crazy drivers. 5.same long-distance train journeys in england cost a fortune! 6.the fumes from the traffic are damaging the city and on hot days you can`t breathe. 7.it`s a beatiful old city but lorries and even big cars can`t get through. 8.it takes twice as lond asusual to get anywhere because ther are digging up the road near my house.

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1 a i (go) to town this afternoon.


am i (i / go) to the supermarket on my way back? -неуверена

b yes, we need bread, milk and some fruit. a ok. i __shall (get) all that, and some eggs, too. 2 a i heard on the radio that the weather (be) excellent this weekend. b that’s good, because my parents (come) to stay with me.  -неуверена 3 a i went to see miami vice yesterday at the cinema. it’s excellent. b oh good. i _shal (see) it tomorrow. a i know you (love) it.

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лишние тут только hen frog и fox

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выберите слово из таблицы сверху, чтобы описать что вы чувствуете в этих ситуациях и впишите в пропуски (пробелы). можно использовать более одного слова.

что вы чувствуете

спорите (ссоритесь) со своим лучшим другом? у вас нет друзей? играете со своим питомцем? вам не везет? у вас проблемы в школе? вы разбили зеркало? у вас нет друга или подруги? вы выиграли приз? ваш питомец умер? вам везет? вам не разрешают пойти куда-нибудь вечером?


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1. a

2. e

3. d

4. c

5. f

6. b

7. h

8. g


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1). a

2.) e

3. )d

4.) c

5. )f

6.) b

7.) h

8.) g


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