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Ответить на вопросы: the camel is called "the ship of the desert", and there is good reason for it. just as a ship is constructed to deal with all the problems that arise from being in the water, so a camel is "constructed" to live and travel and survive in the desert. ^ where other animals would die from lack of food and water, the camel gets along very nicely. it carries its food and water with it. for days before it starts on a journey, a camel does nothing but eats and drinks. it eats so much that a hump of fat rises on its back. so the camel's hump is a storage place for fat, which the camel's body will use up during the journey. the camel also has little flask - shaped bags which line the walls of its stomach. this is where it stores water. with such provisions, a camel is able to travel several days between water holes without drinking, and for an even longer time with no nourishment except what it draws from the fat of its hump. at the end of a long journey, the hump will have lost its firm shape and will flop to one side in flabby folds. the camel will then have to rest for a long time to recover its strength. the camel is one of man's oldest servants and has been used by man in egypt for more than 3,000 years! 1) how is the camel? 2) why is it called so? 3) why doesn't the camel eat so much? 4) why does the camel store water? 5) where does the camel store water? 6) what happens to the hump at the end of the journey? 7) when was the camel used by man?

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The most beautiful dressthe biggest umbrellathe most long pantsthe smallest t-shirtthe best suitthe dirtiest trainersthe most thick sweater
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1do they do their homework in the evening?

2 did it often rain last month?

3 did she invite anybody to the party?

4shall\will we have six lessons tomorrow?

5is there anything in the cup?


ps : за 2ое не

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she asked the fairy godmother for help.-она попросила крёстную мать о .

she danced at the palace with the prince.-она танцевала во дворце с принцом.

the prince married her.-принц женился на ней.

they lived happily ever after.-они жили счастливо после этого.


мне кажется это из золушки))

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1.the camel is called "the ship of the desert"2.


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