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Нужна .write the letter filling sentences in the gaps. допишите письмо, вставляя в пропуски пропущенные выражения и предложения. 6 sadovaya st dmitrov 1) dear alice, 2) in your letter you asked me about my summer holidays. well, i had a very good time! in june i stayed at home because i had exams at school. 3) we went sunbathing and swimming in the lake near there. in july i went to a summer camp. it was fantastic.4) . 5) . there was a disco every night. once we went hiking in the forest for two days. we cooked our meals on the fire and at night we sat around the fire, sang songs and told stories. 6) 7) 8) please tell me more about you. write soon. love, tanya

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my favorite tv show is the x factor. i like it very much because it helps people to become famous if they have a talent. it also helps me to discover new singers. also i like that sometimes celebrities also take part in it as guests. and i have to admit that the presentor is really handsome. there is no violence or blood in there, so everyone can watch it. the juries there are very talanted, experienced and well-known people in show-business. the x factor also shows us something from the other side of show business and we can learn more about singers' lifestyle. that's why i like the x factor.

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1. what

2. why

3. where

4. when

5. who

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1. are

2. are

3. is

4. are

5. is

6. am

7. are

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1)21  may 20132)   thanks for your letter. it was great to hear from you3)  luckily the weather was nice and warm and at the weekend my parents and i went to our country house.4)  i made a lot of new friends. 5) every day we went swimming in the river, and we played different games.  6)   are you happy with your new house? 7)  is it bigger than your old house? 8)   have you got a room of your own?

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