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My kitchen( clean). задайте 8 вопросов, вместо точек

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1 where's bob? in the park.hу is   playing with his friends 2 what is she doing? she is watching tv? 3 where are they going ? to the supermarket. are you going with them? 4 tim is not working at present ? really? is hу looking for a job?

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1 amy isn't eleven. she's twelve.

2 a: are you from wales?

  b: yes, i am.

3   we aren't sisters. we're friends.

4 a: are they italian?

  b: no, they aren't.​


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1) how many pupils in our form?

2) how many will be british girls and boys in barbara`s class this year?

3) does elizabeth like her new textbooks?

4) where are the girls from?

5) when did mike invite you to england?

6) why you were happy to get good marks in french?


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i have already cleaned my kitchen.


1. have i already cleaned  my kitchen?

2.  have i already cleaned  my kitchen or bathroom?

3. who has already cleaned kithen?

4. what have i already cleaned?

5. what have i already done?

6. whose kitchen have i already cleaned?

7.  i have already cleaned my kitchen, haven't i?

8.  i haven't alredy cleaned my kitchen, have i?



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Have i already cleaned my kitchen?

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