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Сочинение на тему "один день из моей жизни"

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1)can (может)

2) may have to (может быть придется)

3)should have called (должен был заехать)

4) should have read( должен бфл прочитать)

5) who could it be ( кто это мог быть)

6)no need to worry (незачем волноваться)

7) could catch (можно было застать)

can laugh (могут посмеяться)

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zoo is the one of the most exciting entertainment  on the earth.i find it kind of interesting because i am interested in animals and like nature.as i live in the city i cannot see a lot of rare animals anywhere but at zoo.i'm sorry for animals as they lost their freedom,everyone has a right to live free life and animals should live in wild life but what to do to ill animals? zoo is their chance to be alive and have wonderful life.they are in cage but the are loved.they are in cage but they have a lot of conditions like real ones.i can understand greenpeace but i want to give a chance to people to learn more about nature and one more chance to live for weak animals.

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- hi anne how was your  literature lesson today ?

=it was just great ! i realy enjoy this lesson ! its one of my favarite! how about you david? do you like it? ?


-wait let me tell you how he likes it buy the way hi im jane daves sister !

-oh ! hi david didnt tell that he has a sister ! nice to meet you!

-nice to meet you too ! oh i was talking about him he is not a real fan of  literature but iam !

- ohh! how is your favarite writer?

-they are alot of them ! it takes too much time to count and tell them to you !

-i undrastand you ! do you know any thing about fameus russian writer pushkin !  

-yeah ! we just talked about him at last lesson! his one of my favarite though!

-girls arent you tired of these converscion?

- ohh ! sorry dave i already forget that you are here too!  



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In one day of my life. in summer i went to my grandmother. she lives in the village. she is a very good woman. i love her. she gave me food. and we went to the shop. she bought me a little souvenir. next my mother was coming. and i went to home. i like this day very much!
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life sometimes seemed to me boring, monotonous. every day the same school, homework, rare quarrels with but, something had happened that changed my attitude towards my daily routine.morning. i woke up with the sunlight coming through the curtains, колыхавшиеся from the slightest breath of wind. looking at the clock that stood on тумбочке. i saw the time - 7: 58. after two minutes, had to call an alarm clock. wearily stretched, i rose from the bed and sat on its edge. something thinking, finally overcame myself and finally broke away from her.почитисв teeth and having breakfast, i finally threw parents: "bye! " and left the house.to pass the path, i decided to go through the park, once separated me and my school.cold autumn wind picked up the leaves, plucking them from the branches. they scattered in different directions golden, purple, scarlet whirlwind, carried away somewhere behind the trees. fascinated, i walked with their eyes, frozen in place. for a moment i thought it was a bird hastily depart far south, and the rustle reminded them прошальный cry: "farewell, until spring! "you know, i absolutely forgot about everything. all problems, experiences somewhere vanished, vanished in these paints of autumn. why? probably because then my head was not loaded sad, sad thoughts. i was simply need though again plunge into the beauty of nature.i will never forget that day.

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