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94 group the linking devices from the list below according to their function. use your workbook. introducing: sequencing ideas: expressing contrast: .. stating results: giving examples: adding: concluding: also in summary as a result moreover besides nevertheless but next finally secondly first of all so firstly thus for example to begin with for instance to conclude furthermore to sum up however to summarise in conclusion yet

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это форма глагола to be т.к. в вопросах нет глагола как такового!


правило: i - you - they - we -

he - she - it -

значит №1   is tanya in class 4a? tanya - она,   значит ставим вначале is

значит №2 is helen in class 4b? helen   - она,   значит ставим вначале is

значит №3 are they from belarus? they - они из беларуси, ставим are

значит №4 is mr. franklin a teacher? мистер франклин учитель? кто? -он, ставим is

значит №4 are the pupils in the class nice? ученики в классе милые? ученики - они, ставим are.

у меня в школе по было 4 была по 12-ти системе. в техникуме лучше чуть. но только в 30-ть лет я понял насколько важен и интересен ) в школе задрачивают а не учат, нужно жить, тогда все получиться, ведь такие возможности открываются, когда знаешь и понимаешь а не тупо зубришь.


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существует ковер в центре комнаты.

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i am sitting in the park and writing my notes at the moment. it is hot. i hate this hot weather. i don't want to sit here. but roger is playing tennis with his friend. they are running and laughing. they need neither ice cream nor cold lemonade. they are having fun. they like this weather.


  oh, i see an ice cream man! it's great. ice cream is cold and tastes good. now i am happy too.

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introducing:   first of all,   firstly, to begin with     sequencing ideas:   besides,   nevertheless, however , yet     expressing contrast:   moreover, but , furthermore   ..stating results:   finally, thus   giving examples:   for example, for instance   adding:   also,   secondly, next     concluding:   in summary,  as a result,   so,   to conclude,   to sum up, to summarise, in conclusion          

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