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Complete the sentences using also, as well, either or too. 1)vera speaks english and chinese.2)do exercise 5 and do exercise )does mr in oxford? 4)i went home early, and john )i never read such fairytales to little .6)we can tickets for this show.7)"harry potter" is a children's book."peter pan" book for children.8)we haven't seen "titanic" .9)translate the text and write exercise . вставить слова прошу

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in the morning  she  cleans her teeth.

he    likes to play with his friends.

  look at the dog! it  is black.but its ears are white.

we  go for a walk with  our pets in the park.

they  washed their hands before lunch.

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1)have you ever tried chinese food.

2)he has been to china.

3)she has been to london since she finished the university.

4)they have lived in cario since 199.

5)how long has jack lived in london.

6)mary has met him before.

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i can tell you a little bit about my character and my interests

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1 also

2 too

3 also

4 as well


6 also

7 either

8 as well

9 either

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