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Сочинение о том как я люблю школу и учитилей. 6-7 предложений

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what impression did graffiti make on sandra jameson?

why is graffiti a crime?

why is graffiti life-threatening for artists?


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how long did it take mary to learn this poem by heart?

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1)i cook biscuits to my husband every weekend.

2)everything in her was beautiful.

3)"everybody can do this" says she.

4) do you want to go with me?

no, thanks.

5) nobody was behind him, "it's really strange" says marko.

6) nothing was good at the party, at all party was terrible!

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everybody must go to school.school is one of the most important parts in life.in school you can get a knowledge that will be very useful in the future.you can also find good friends.i like my school very much.first because there are a lot of good friends and classmates there.second because there are a lot of good  and helpful teachers there.they are always ready to help and explain everything,i like them very much.school is very interesting and useful place for me.

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