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28 have moved to another city. send an email to your friend. in your email write- what the new place is like, how you like it, invite her to your house- нужен не перевод а само -выполненное. минимум 40 слов

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see-saw; fly-flew; go-went; put-put; have-had; take-took; say-said; give-gave

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1)  i used to live in the country, but now i don't

2)  did you use to wear glasses?

3)  they didn't use to do any homework.

4)  he used to have a motorbike

5)  we used to play in the park when we were little.

6)  she used  to cry  a lot when she was a baby

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3)it isn’t
4)mum is not
5)isn’t 99
6)they aren’t
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dear, kate

  how are you? i аm sorry i haven't written for some time. i was busy as a bee. i was in seventh heaven when i take your letter.

  i moved to the moscow 2 weeks ago.   there are a lot of museums, cinemas, cafes, parks,shopping center etc.   it is a very beatiful city, but it is durty.   there is a lot of people/ there is many cars, which pollute the environment. 

  i live in the second flour. there are 3 rooms in my flat. it is a very big flat. fortunately, windows come to the small street.  i don't hear an awful rumble of cars.

  i haven't seen your for ages.i want that you arrived to me to my new flat.  when you will be able to arrive?

i hope i will see you soon.

best wishes,

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