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Complete the text. use the correct form of the past simple. i (visit)_ istanbul in 1995.1 (go)_ there with my friend. we only (speak) __ english unfortunately. sometimes people (not understand) _ us, but it ( not matter)_ . they (be). very friendly. we (see) _ many beautiful buildings including the aуа sophia mosque. we (not have) _ much money so we (try)_ to live cheaply. we ( cat)_ a lot of break and cheese. we (have) _ a wonderful time in turkey and i'm sure we'll go buck there some day.

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я не знаю что за текст .-. текст скинуть нужно .

я перевод сделала


отсканируйте текст и предоставьте ответы на следующие вопросы. а. как, в соответствии с теорией большого взрыва, наша вселенная начать? б. почему у некоторых планет есть спутники и спутники, а у других нет? с. чьи наблюдения послужили основанием большого взрыва теория? д. что происходит во вселенной в наши дни?

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i am sitting in the park and writting my notes at the moment. it is hot. i hate this hot weather. i do not want to sit here. but roger is playing tennis with his friends. they are running and laughing. they need neither ice cream nor cold lemonade. they are having fun. they like this weather.

oh_ i saw an icecream man! it's great. ice cream is cold and tastes good.


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In my opinion, i'm a happy man. there are a lot of reasons to the proof of this statement, but three of them are main. the first case is my family. they love so much, and so do i. whatever happens to me my dad always is in a hurry to support me. he gives me a hand of help, lifts me up, listens carefully and acts in the way of problem decision. if i need advice, he gives it to me. if i need something material he helps me again. that’s why he’s the best father in the world. and that’s not only my opinion. my mom and relatives think in the same way. and i love them too. secondly, my friends are the best ones. they will come to me whenever or wherever i call them to aid me or share my happiness. it doesn’t matter how busy they are. they are always ready! and the last reason is my lovely teachers. owing to them i can always prepare my home task if i’m not ready enough, i mean if i didn’t prepare anything completely. in my turn i’m always glad to support everyone who really needs help regardless of age. even if i don’t have free time and it’s a kindergarten child i will give him a hand. i’m a happy man, a happy person. отметь сочинение 5 звездочками над ответом, , кавказ.
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i visited  istanbul in 1995.1 went   there with my friend. we only spoke    english unfortunately. sometimes people did  not understand us, but it was not    matter. they were very friendly. we saw    many beautiful buildings including the aуа sophia mosque. we did  not have much money so we tried to live cheaply. we ate  a lot of break and cheese. we had    a wonderful time in turkey and i'm sure we'll go back there some day.

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