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Написать 3 гаджета на . техника без которой я не могу жить.(например: о телефоне, компьютере, телевизоре).

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i grew uphere, i'm proud ofthe partyin which theluckto be born,and even thoughmytownis notbig,but my heartwill not lethimleave.

вот перевод

я выросла тут, я горжусь стороной,в которой везенье родиться,и хоть городок мой совсем не большой,но сердце не даст с ним проститься.

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have you anything shorter than this dress?


this hat is the best we have in the shop.


i have not so many penfriends as she has.


i want a suit more modern than this one.


the weather in october was as sunnier as in september.


they were as happier as we were.

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listen, ivan singing in the room

hi dont see, i see him, because he read anything with big interesting

calling him now, i think, he dont sleeping

look on man, he   sit. it is our advokat

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я точно не понял что теще надо но вот бери 

1 telefone . i can not live without my telefone it is a part of my life.

2. computer. my computer is a thing for play games and talk with my friends in online.

3. tv.   i love to watch tv it is very interesting . after school i go home and at pathetic first i watch tv.

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