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Перевод efinitions. a press joint, also called a force joint, is obtained by forcing a shaft into a hole that is slightly smaller than the shaft. this is possible because of the elasticity of the materials which produces the grip that holds the hub and shaft together. a shrink joint differs from a press joint chiefly by the method of assembling it. the hub is heated to expand its bore and to slip it on the shaft. when the hub cools down to the temperature of the shaft, the grip is produced in the same way as in the force joint. the shrink joint is also used to connect machine parts by means of special rings, anchors, and tie rods. in a friction joint the holding grip is produced by the conical shape of the shaft end and the hub bore and by the pull of a nut, or by a slotted hub whose bore is smaller than the shaft and which is spread by a wedge when the joint is being assembled. ii. write out from the text the sentences with verbs in the form of the participle or the gerund or the subjunctive mood.

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bodiam castle (bodiam), located in sussex (england), stands near the river rother (rother), almost on the border of kent and sussex.it belongs to the rare breed of "residential locks," the last true castles in england. preserving the function of the fortress, he, in contrast to the more ancient strongholds, is also suitable for life, and beautifully decorated, showing guests and neighbors, wealth, value and good taste of the owner.when, in 1360 m edward the third signed a peace treaty with bretini in which he renounced claims to the french crown, but retained the aquitaine, calais and other provinces, it is not really thought about the evacuation of the remnants of his troops to england. those people who find themselves in a foreign country under threat of death, rallied. thus were formed the so-called floor units or routiers - private armies officially serve the king, but in fact were selling their services to the highest bidder.

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1) there isn't much milk in the fridge. lot - extra

2) how many fruit does he eat?   much - extra

3) there aren't any eggs in the box. some - extra

4) she hasn't got many hip hop cds. lot - extra

5) there's any soap in the bathroom. some - extra

6)your brother has got a lot of dvds. much - extra

7) how many apples is there in this bag? much - extra

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5.не видно

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термоусадочной совместного отличается от пресс совместного главным образом методом сборкой. концентратор нагревается расширить свой диаметр и скольжения его на валу. когда втулка охлаждается до температуры вал, сцепление, полученных таким же способом, как в силу сустава.термоусадочная соединение также используется для подключения деталей машин с специальных кольцах, якоря, и тяг.

в фрикционного соединения проведение захват производится конической формы конца вала и отверстие ступицы и тянуть ореха, или щелевые отверстия ступицы которых меньше, чем валом и который распространяется на клине, когда совместные идет сборка.

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