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Complete the sentences with the articles a/ an or the. would you like to be ? miss smith says he detective writer ron writers articles for a newspaper. he charles darwin english scientist she is going to , isn`t she? заранее !

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1) activities
2) facilities
3) friends
4) independent
5) abroad
6) residence
7) loan
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1.a garbage is not only ugly, bute dangerous because it causes an air pollution.

2. cars are an important part of a life for most people. but cars also cause a pollution and release fume.

3. in canada people don't realise that they throw out 10,000 tons of a waste.

4. over 14 billion pounds of a waste per year is throw out to sea and it kills millions of sea animals.

5. if we want to breathe  a healthy air we have to think about what we do.

6. because of our lack of a knowledge there is now a huge hole over an antractic.

7.a water is a vital element of a life.

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the floors are being cleaned этажи чистятся

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would you like to be an actor?

miss smith says he is the best detective writer.

ron writes articles for a newspaper. he is a journalist.

charles darwin is a great english scientist.she is going to be a librarian, isn't she?  

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