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Надо раскрыть скобки и поставить все глаголы в режим past simple. yesterday mag got up early. the weather was fine. she (wash)_ her hands and face, (clean)_ her teeth in the bathroom. them, mag (put)_ on her school dress and (take)_ her bag. then she (go)_ to school. it (be)_ sunny and warm. when she (get)_ to school, she didn`t see any pupils in the yard (во дворе). mag (say)_: ,,oh! but today is the first day of summer holidays. children don`t go to scholl on ! завтра нужно =0.

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i read book

they watch tv


просто прак что ли? почему не отвечать?

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are they your friends? -yes, they are

is he your brother? - yes, he is

can he ride a bike? - no, he can't

do you want to play with the ball? - no, i don't

does she roller-skate well? - no, she doesn't

does your friend want to play the piano? - yes, he does


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i walked with my friends last weekends. я гулял с моими друзьями в прошлые выходный.

she was very busy yesterday.

она была занята вчера.

dawn was very beautiful. рассвет был красивым.

i liked that party. мне понравилась та вечеринка.

i didn't stand up in 8.5 a.m. я не просыпался в 8.5 утра.

i had a good breakfast. я хорошо позавтракал.

i did my homework last afternoon. я делал работу вчера вечером.

we had very good evening. у нас бвл хороший вечер.

your parents went shopping. ваши родители отправились за покупками.

they were sad. они были грустны.

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washed, cleaned, put, took, went, was, got, said ; )

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1 - washed 2 - cleaned 3 - put 4 - took 5 - went 6 - was или were зависит в каком числе 7 - got 8 - said. 




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