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Составить диалог по на свободную тему! надо!

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статуя свободы подарена амереканцам французами.

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1 does ted come from new zealand?

2 is he the youngest or the oldest of the two children?

3 is his mother tall or short?

4 what is she crazy about?

5 what did his father set up five years ago?

6 who is the breadwinner (кормилец) in ted's family?

7 is his sister lucy a medical or pedagogical student?

8 what does ted think about lucy?

9 what interests has ted's grandad have?

10what did his granny use to be?

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надо уметь переводить

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- hello, george. pleased to meet you. how are you? - , джордж. рад тебя видеть. как жизнь? - hi, nick. i'm fine, thanks. and how are you? - , ник. я в порядке, . а ты как? - thanks, not so well.


  - hello, kate. this is my friend, fred black  - hello, fred. glad to meet you. i'm kate.   - hello, kate. how nice to meet you.

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-hello, mary here. may i have a word with sally? -oh, hello mary. hold on a second, i'll just see if she's here.


-oh, i'm awfully sorry, i clear forgot that she's training now.

-could you take the message then? ask her to call me back when she's at home.

-certainly i will. goodbye!

-thanks, goodbye!

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