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Write a sentence with for each situation. 1) he doesn't speak very clearly - that's why people don't understand him. if he 2) that book is too expensive, so i'm not going to buy it. if the book i 3) we don't go out very often because we can't afford it. 4) it's raining, so we can't have lunch in the garden. 5) i have to work tomorrow evening, so i can't meet you.

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i love to be alone at home, because i can do something. my hobby is bicycling and traveling. i love my family very much. i with my brother can play together all day. it's so great!

but i don't like to be very busy. i like to feeling free. when my mother is angry, i am very sad. i love her. i want her to be happy.

i don't like rain, because i can't do something.

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hello my dear yana. my name is lena mozgovaya i'm 12 years old. i'm living in donetsk. i have a two brothers their names is valik and jenya they are under 20 years old. natasha and sasha my grandma and my grandpa. they're under 60 y.o. well, that's all what i can tell about my family. please send me your answer as soon as you can and tell me about your family. bye, your lena.


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take an ice cream out of my bag and open it.


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1) if he spoke more clearly, people would understand him.

2) if the book was cheaper, i would buy it.

3) if we had more money, we would go out more often.

4) if it didn't rain, we would have lunch in the garden.

5) if i had spare time tomorrow evening i could meet you.

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