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What will you do in these situations? give true answers. model: if my friend lets me down, i will (not) forgive him/her. 1. your friend lets you down. 2. your friend needs your help. 3. your friend phones you at six o'clock in the morning. 4. your friend spends the weekend with other friends. 5. your friend is angry with you. 6. your friend has a problem with mathematics. 7. your friend leaves your school. напишите ответы

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123 - 45 - 67 + 89 + 0 = 100 (12 - 3 - 4)   + 5 -  6   + 7 + (89 + 0)   = 100 1 + (2 * 3) + 4 + 5 + 67 + 8+9 + 0 = 100
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5 или 3 я отвечаю єто точно

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1. if my driend lets me down, i won't   forgive him.

2. if my friends need my help, i'll be there for them.

3. if my friend phones me at six o'clock in the morning, i'll listen to her because my friends usually don't call me so early.

4. if my friend spends the weekend with other friends, i'll be jealous of him.

5. if my friend is angry with me, i'll be sorry cause i don't wanna fall out with her.

6. if my friend has a problem with maths, i'll do my best to help.

7. if my friend leaves my school, i'll be so sad!

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