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Составить 15 предложений на языке со словами: 1)lemonade 2)biology 3)cat 4)abnormal 5)bag 6)absurd 7)bee 8)amiable 9)abominable 10)access 11)best 12)problem 13)many 14)very mach 15)sure

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my name is nick. i live in alekseyevka.i am eight years old. my hair is dark. my eyes are green. my teacher name is natalia anatolevna. i am study in class number two at the sex school. my friends names are den and sergey. i like draw and play.

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he,s traveling on the 8 o,clock train. she is afraid of traveling by plane. do not lean out of the window.walk in the pavement.

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1) how many pupils in our form?

2) how many will be british girls and boys in barbara`s class this year?

3) does elizabeth like her new textbooks?

4) where are the girls from?

5) when did mike invite you to england?

6) why you were happy to get good marks in french?


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  my favorite drink is lemonade

my favourite subgect is biology

i love her cat

he is abnormal

yesterday i bought this bag


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1. i like to drink lemonade cause it's so tasty!

2. my favourite subject is biology. i think it's very interesting.

3. i was given a cat yesterday and i decided to call him tom.

4. i think he is abnormal. sometimes he does such strange things!

5. she has such a bright yellow bag.

6. his behaviour is so absurd!

7. there is a bee in my room.

8. i think mike is very amiable.

9. ugh! frogs are so  abominable!

10. is there any access road?

11. london is the best city i've ever been to!

12. if my friend has a problem, i'll be there for her.

13. there are many flowers in the vase.

14. "thank you very much for helping me", she said.

15. i'm sure that this summer will be very hot!

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