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Write sentences beginning i 1) i don't have a key (and i need one). 2) ann isn't here (and i need to see her). 3) it's cold (and i hate cold weather). 4) i live in a big city (and i don't like it). 5) i can't go to the party (and i'd like to). 6) i have to work tomorrow (but i'd like to stay in bed). 7) i don't know anything about cars (and my car has just broken down). 8) i'm not lying on a beautiful sunny beach (and that's a pity).

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1) i have not been to the zoo yet.

2)i've never been to the africa.

3) mr.rambler has never been to kenya.

4) my brother has not seen a fox in the wild yet.

5) they have not travelled to australia yet.

6)she has not touched a kangaroo yet.

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мертвый-лес был сухой и черный,он словно мертвый,в нем не было ни единого зеленого деревца

the forestwasdryandblack,heseemeddead, itwas nota singlegreentree.

скучать- мне никода не приходится подолгу скучать,потому что всегда найдется интересное занятие

i've never hada long timeto get bored,becausethere is alwaysan interestingexercise

конверт- мне прислали письмо в красивом конверте

i receiveda letterin a veryniceenvelope

бразильский- мне нравится бразильский кофе

i reallylike thebraziliancoffee

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mom, dad,  i quit  and come back  later,  because  i was going  to celebrate  the birthday of  a friend  in a cafe.  please  do not worry, i  will come  exactly  at 11 p.m.

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1) i wish i had a key.

2) i wish ann were here.

3) i wish it wasn't cold.

4) i wish i didn't live in a big city.

5) i wish i went to the party.

6) i wish i stayed at home tomorrow.

7) i wish i knew car mechanics. 

8) i wish i lay on a beautiful sunny beach.

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