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Напишите как читается..по-. перевод не нужен. например: learning - the usa is the world, s fourth largest country. only russia, canada and china have bigger territories than the usa. there are fifty states in the country. forty-eight are in the same part of north america. the other two are alaska in the north, and hawaii situated on eight islands in the pacific. the united states stretches from the pacific ocean to the atlantic ocean, which wash the country in the west and in the east. long mountain chains run down the pacific coast. in this part of the country is death valley, the lowest place in north and south americas. here, too, is the grand canyon which the colorado river made millions of years ago. in some place it is about 6 km deep. farther east lie the tall peaks of the rocky mountains that run from canada to mexico. beyond them stretch the great plains where the mighty mississippi river flows. another mountain chain, the appalachians, runs down the eastern part of the us. the usa borders on canada in the north, where the five great lakes are situated, and mexico in the south.

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софи was from france. she is in egypt now. she wants to study a history of egypt. софи has gone to travel on all country. she saw the big pyramids the last week. софи long prepared to go on camels much. but she has not taken means from mosquitoes to sleep in tents. she wanted to meet many interesting people. софи has found many new friends. she has had time to buy many gifts and has made many photos. 

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1. what are you doing here? - i'm preparing for my report.

2. she had lived in moscow for 10 years when her sister came to live with her.

3. tomorrow father will come late.

4. it was very late. i had gone to bed and had fallen asleep when my father returned home.

5. have you ever been to london? - yes, i've been there last summer. (i was there last summer.)

6. when we came to the station, the train has already arrived.

7. he left for rostov in 1990 and since then he had lived there. 

8. tom doesn't tennis every saturday. 

9. i have already done my homework. now i can go for a walk. 

10. when will you come to see us? – tomorrow if you don’t mind. 


put in the prepositions.

1. where do you work? i work at orange computers.

2. mr. brown looks for uk sales promotion. he is accountable for the m.d. 

3. what goods are they interested in ?  

4. let’s meet on tuesday at 10. 

5. rossexport goods are of high quality. 

6. he was born in 1889 in london. 

7. what do you like to watch on tv?

8. it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon. 

9. mr. norman is in charge with new product development. 

10. this film was on the rex cinema.

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