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Переделайте предложения из действительного залога в страдательный. 1. he is writing a letter at the moment. 2. john was preparing report all day yesterday. 3.we are learning grammar now. 4. at present mankind is making considerable investments to eliminate air pollution. 5. today the changes in the global climate and water balance are bringing about serious changes in the environment. 6. many scientists are constantly carrying out experimental work to solve the problem of environment protection. 7. the company is making plans for the future.

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1)can (может)

2) may have to (может быть придется)

3)should have called (должен был заехать)

4) should have read( должен бфл прочитать)

5) who could it be ( кто это мог быть)

6)no need to worry (незачем волноваться)

7) could catch (можно было застать)

can laugh (могут посмеяться)

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1. we are reading an interesting book at this moment.

2. she is listening to the music in her room now.

3. he is working in the garden with his son now.

4. they are discussing a new film now.

5. i am eating mango now.

6. it is playing with kittens now.

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1) tom can*t sing.

2 ) his pen  isn't  long.

3) jess hasn't  got  a big cockerel.

4)  a fox isn*t black.

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1  the letter is being written by him  at the moment. 2  report was being prepared by john all day long. 3  grammar is being learnt ( by us)  now 4  considerable investments are being made at present  to eliminate air pollution. 5  serious changes  in the environment  are being brought today  by  the global climate and water balance. 6.  experimental work is being  constantly  carried out by many scientists  to solve the problem of environment protection. 7.  plans for the future are being made by the company.

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