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Краткий рассказ о ньютоне 4-5 предложении..

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they learn how to add numbers to them (and  не подходит по смыслу или же пропущено еще какое-то слово)

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1. why is he always laught at?

2. who was sent for the doctor?

3, the letters have    been already  posted, haven*t they?

4. whom was america discovered by?

5,will the exam be passed next week?

6. the money had been paid before the car was delivered

7. he called when the letter was being dictated.

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jane's pet is grey and very fluffy (ее питомец серый и пушистый)

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Sir isaac n′û́ton (or n′ûtón [1 k]) (sir isaac newton, december 25, 1642 – 20 march 1727, year according to the julian calendar in effect in england until 1752; or 4 january 1643 – 31 march 1727, of the year in the gregorian calendar) was an english mathematician, out, mechanical engineer and astronomer, one of the creators of classical physics. author of philosophiæ naturalis fundamental work principia mathematica, in which he set out the law of the treatise and the mechanics of prostorečnyh, which became the foundation of classical mechanics. developed differential and integral calculus, color theory and many other mathematical and physical theories.

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