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Сделайте эти 1. write down the comparative and superlative degrees of the following adjectives. 1) young 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) flat 8) 2. fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative). 1) my house is (big) than yours. 2) this flower is (beautiful) than that one. 3) this is the (interesting) book i have ever read. 4) non-smokers usually live (long) than smokers. 5) which is the (dangerous) animal in the world? 6) a holiday by the sea is (good) than a holiday in the mountains. 7) it is strange but often a coke is (expensive) than a beer. 8) who is the (rich) woman on earth? 9) the weather this summer is even (bad) than last summer. 10) he was the (clever) thief of all. 3. put the adjectives into the correct form. 1) los angeles is (large) than chicago. 2) but new york is the (large) of the united states. 3) the weather in hollywood is (good) than in new york or new jersey. 4) nestor studios is the (old) movie company in hollywood. 5) disneyland is (interesting) than any other amusement park.

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friends are buy things for the party on a shop. 2/ friends are buy cake, candles and present. 3. they need the biggest cake. 4. they need the longest candles. 5. they need the coolest present. 6. olga wants to buy the biggest cake. 7. kolya wants to buy the most expensive present. 8. alex wants to buy the longest candles.

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1. my mother writes letters to her friends every week.

2. my mother is writing letter to her friends now.

3. my mother wrote letters to her friends yesterday.

4. my mother will write letters to her friends tomorrow.

5. my mother has already written letters to her friends.

6. my mother was writing letters to her friends at 5 o'clock yesterday.

7. my mother had written letters to her friends by 5 o'clock yesterday.

8. my mother has been wruting letters to her friends the whole day.

9. my mother had been writing letters to her friends the whole day yesterday.

10. my mother will be writing letters to her friends at 5 o'clock tomorrow.

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Исправить ошибки.
1. he swims every morning.
2. i am having dinner now.
3. mark walks to school every day.
4. kate likes pizza.
5.the sun rises in the east.
6. susan and jo live in new york.
7. we need some sugar.
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1. younger, the youngest

2. angrier, the angriest

3. richer, the richest

4. clearer, the clearest

5. deeper, the deepest

6. more important, the most important

7. flater, the flattest

8. more boring, the most boring



1. bigger

2. more beautiful

3. most interesting

4. longer

5. most dangerous

6. better

7. more expensive



1. larger

2. largest

3. better

4. oldest

5. more interesting




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