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Выберете правильное применение: this is (the darkest/ the most dark) room the house. he saw (the poluarest/ the most popular) film of the year. he is (more taller/taller) than me. that is (the most happy/ the happiast) day of his life. paggy is sleepover was (more heavier/ heavier) than mine. раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в правильную форму when i (to come) home mother already (to cook) dinner. when the teacher (to enter) the classroom, the pupils already (to open) their books. ann (to tell) me that she (to see) an interesting film. kate (to give) me the book which she (to buy) the day before. he (to sludy) french before he (to enter) the university.

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my favorite writer is anton pavlovich chekhov. he was a dramatist and is considered to be one of the greatest writers of short stories in history.from all his works most of all i like chekhov's tragicomedy "the cherry garden". as for me, this work teaches us a lot about our life, our history and the relationships among generations. it shows us the relationships between members of one family, but i think it can be applied to the relationships between nations and countries.

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in the morning  she  cleans her teeth.

he    likes to play with his friends.

  look at the dog! it  is black.but its ears are white.

we  go for a walk with  our pets in the park.

they  washed their hands before lunch.

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1. they can not do this work themselves

2. you may take  my dictionary.

3. you don't look well, you should consult the  doctor.

4. why would i give you my money?

5. she can not  speak any foreign language.

6. he ought to help them, they  need his help.

7. can you tell me the time?

8. may i go with  you? no, you may not.

9. your daughter needn't  have told about it. 

10. in winter we can often skate.

11. you must not miss your  classes.

12. could you play the piano before?

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1.this is  the darkest room  of the house.

he saw  the most popular  film of the year.

he is  taller  than me.

that is  the most happy  day of his life.

paggy's sleepover was  heavier  than mine.


2.when i  came  home mother  had  already  cooked  dinner.

when the teacher  entered  the classroom, the pupils  had  already  opened  their books.

ann  told  me that she  had seen  an interesting film.

kate  gave  me the book which she    had bought  the day before.

he  studied  french before he  had entered  the university.

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выберете правильное применение:

this is the darkest room of the house.

he saw the most popular film of the year.

he is  taller than me.

that is the most happy day of his life.

paggy's sleepover was heavier than mine.


раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в правильную форму

when i came home mother had already cooked dinner.

when the teacher entered the classroom, the pupils had already opened their books.

ann told me that she had seen an interesting film.

kate gave me the book which she  had bought the day before.

he studied french before he had entered the university.

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