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Please help: complete the sentence. use in, at or on the following words: the window, your coffee, the mountains, that tree, my guitar, the island, the next garage. 1.one of the broken. 2.there's something wrong wuth the car. we'd better 3.would you like 4.the of beautiful colour. 5.last year we had a wonderful skiing 6.theres nobody 's uninhabited. 7.he spends most of the day looking outside.

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once upon a time there was a robot who could do anything. he rebuilt broken houses, saved citizens in their time of need, and brought peace to the whole city in which he lived in. but one day he suddenly changed. maybe it was a change in his wire, or something else, but he was never the same again since. the hero-like robot turned evil. he no longer helped anyone, but only caused misfortune wherever he went. and so the citizens of the city, who once loved and adored the robot, decided to attack and destory him, before he destroyed them. and so he was gone. although the people were still angry at him, and claimed him to be a villian, he still was commened for his past good doings. 



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- hi anne how was your  literature lesson today ?

=it was just great ! i realy enjoy this lesson ! its one of my favarite! how about you david? do you like it? ?


-wait let me tell you how he likes it buy the way hi im jane daves sister !

-oh ! hi david didnt tell that he has a sister ! nice to meet you!

-nice to meet you too ! oh i was talking about him he is not a real fan of  literature but iam !

- ohh! how is your favarite writer?

-they are alot of them ! it takes too much time to count and tell them to you !

-i undrastand you ! do you know any thing about fameus russian writer pushkin !  

-yeah ! we just talked about him at last lesson! his one of my favarite though!

-girls arent you tired of these converscion?

- ohh ! sorry dave i already forget that you are here too!  



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1 east

2 west

3 occasions

4 connected

5 associated

6 religious

7 marks

8 widely

9 unite

10 fireworks

11 follow

12 include

13 although

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1.one of the strings  on  my guitar  is broken.

2.there's something wrong wuth the car.we'd better stop  at  the next garage..

3.would you like suggar  in  your coffee?

4.the leaves  on  that tree  are of beautiful colour.

5.last year we had a wonderful skiing holiday  in  the mountains

6.theres nobody living  on  the island.it's uninhabited.

7.he spends most of the day sitting  at  the window  and looking outside.

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