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Составь вопросы. попроси одноклассника на них ответить. 1) is, the mouse, little, mary? 2) the pig, can, dance, peter? 3) like, does, the fox, martin, the rabbit, bess? 4) do, the, live, where, friends? 5) you, would, to live, like, friends, six, with?

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look are my friends, they at dancing.

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1 a

2 b

3 a

4 b

5 c

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1. he swims every morning.
2. i am having dinner now.
3. mark walks to school every day.
4. kate likes pizza.
5.the sun rises in the east.
6. susan and jo live in new york.
7. we need some sugar.
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1) is mary the mouse little? -yes, she is. 2) can peter the pig dance? -yes, he can\ no, he can't. 3) does martin the fox like bess the rabbit? -yes, he does\no, he doesn't. 4) where do the friends live? -they live где именно, по тексту) 5) would you like to live with six friends? -yes, i would.
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1.is mary the mouse little? 2.can peter the pig dance? 3.does martin the fox like bess the rabbit? 4.where do the friends live? 5.would you like to live with six friends?

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