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Прочитать текст буквами people on our planet can't live without travelling now. tourism has become a highly developed business. there are express trains, cars and jet-air liners all of that provide you with comfort and security. nowadays people travel not only for pleasure but also on business. you have to go to other countries to take part in different negotiations, to sign contacts, to participate in different exhibitions, in order to push the goods produced by your firm or company о travelling on business helps you to get more information about achievements of other companies» which will make your own business more successful. there are a lot of means of travelling: by sea, by plane, by car, on foot. tastes differ. all means of travelling have their advantages and disadvantages. and people choose one according to their plans. no wonder that one of the latest means of travelling is travelling by plane. it combines both comfort and speed and you will reach the place of destination very quickly. before boarding the plane you must check in at the airport. you are required to have your baggage weighed. each passenger is allowed 20 kilograms of baggage free of charge. but if your baggage is heavier you must pay an extra charge. before the plane takes off the stewardess gives you all the information about the flight, the speed and altitude. she asks you to fasten the belts and not to smoke. she will take care of you during the flight and will help you to get comfortable in your seat. inside the cabins the air is always fresh and warm. during the flight you can take a nap or have a chat, you can read and relax. in some planes you can watch video or listen to the music.

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4.on, at

5.to, with




1.where is the forest?

2.when did my brother work in the garden?

3.who will go to the river?

4.when does it rain?

5.what grows in the fields and gardens?

6.when did he return home?

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area -   площадь

bin -   бункер

clean up - убирать

gas -   газ

harmful - вредный

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as we already know a dog is man's best friend. luckily i have a dog. of course it must look for and bring to a walk. we can say that the show dogs for a walk yavlyaetsya not a bad job. abroad, it is considered the work for teenagers in which they receive a sufficient profit. this is especially true for busy people who have a dog but there is no time for walking. also it helps the aged people. and as for me i like it too. (на : как мы уже знаем собака это лучший друг человека. к счастью у меня есть собака. естественно за ней надо ухаживать и выводить на прогулку. можно сказать что выводить собак на прогулку являеться не плохой работой. за границей это считаеться работой для подростков за которую они получают достаточную прибыль. особенно это для занятых людей у которых есть собака но нет времени для выгуливания. ещё это пристарелым людям. подросткам нравиться эта работа потому что она не требует особых усилий. и что касается меня мне это нравиться.)

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1. i want you to tell me the truth.2. our teacher made us learn this rule by heart and now we are grateful to her.3. my father doesn't let me go out in the evening. it's not fair! 4. i heard she open the door, but i pretended to be asleep.5. the browns are not at home tonight. mike saw them leave earlier.6. i would like him to be my friend, but he is too cool.7. susan expected it to start this morning.

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