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Надо вставить слова в нужной форме 11 there' coffee left 1 2 he he didn t know what to say 13 he completed his 4 he touched the arm accident was not serious слова для вставки hard nervous suce. ssfuv. light наррy 4. 16 do more people speak chinese or english? a) the, the b) c) the,- 17. is amazon shorter than nile? a) a, a b) c) the. the 18. is africa larger than europe? a) a, a b) c) the, the 19. i want to visit british museum. a) the b) a c)— street is the biggest shopping street a)the, the b) the, a c) ,

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disorganised behavior (неорганизованое поведение)

calm baby (тихий ребенок)

at a respectful distance на почтительном расстоянии)

reasonable individual (рассудительный человек)

urgent affairs ( дела)

flexible mind (гибкое мышление)

tight dress (тесное платье)

faded buities (увядшие красотки)

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  i have my own room.   there is  a big computer table to the right of the window.   it is very comfortable. i have all nesessary things here and can take everything without leaving my arm chair. it is very  cosy and  comfortable too. there are 2 book shelves where i keep my books.exercise - books. my  toy collection/ the central place is for my conputer. i can*t even imagine my life without it! i spend a lot of time here!

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открытый слог - это слог, который заканчивается на гласную

закрытый слог - оканчивается на одну или несколько согласных (кроме r)

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1 there's hardly any coffee left .

2 he laughed nervously as he didn t know what to say.


3 he completed his studies successfully.


4 he touched me lightly on the arm.


5 happily the accident was not serious.




16 b)


17. c) the. the


18. b)


19. a) the


20 c) --

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