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Нужно составить диалог на по теме: в одном из европейских городов вы отстали от группы во время экскурсии. вам нужно добраться до отеля, где вы остановились. спросите у прохожего, каким транспортом туда добраться, сколько это займёт времени и где ближайшая остановка.

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1 is

2 are listening

3 works   teaches

4 is cutting

5 is

6 don't know

7 does your brother learn

8 does       don't know

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a loyal friend is a friend who will never betray you, who will always be by your side. he or she will never backstab you, and no matter how bad things may seem, they will comfort you and stay by you. this in my opinion, characterizes a true loyal friend. but in reality it is hard to find such loyal friends, because not many people can be so loyal with other people. friends often lie to each other, hurt each other, and may even start hating each other for the stupidest reasons. but if you look hard and wide, then surely one day you will find that one loyal friend who will be by your side the rest of your life. you just have to not give up! that is the key. 

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- excuse me, can you help me? i lost my group. where is the (for example) " dolphin hotel"? how can i get there?

- yes, go staring on road until you get to the traffic lights, and then   there   the bus station.then go past cinema and the    " dolphin hotel"  will be on your right.

-sorry, but i dont know where is the nearest bus station.

-go past park, then take the first turning on the left. 

-thanks a lot. can you repeat is slowly please?

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