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Too, much, many, по 8 предложений на любом времени и употреблении)

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1.was able to

2.was able to

3.could-could not



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я живу в беларуси. мне нравится моя страна. у неё интересная . приезжайте в беларусь!

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фразовые глаголы:

to speak to-разговаривать с кем-либо

to talk to-болтать с кем-либо

to be angry with-злиться на кого-либо

to depend on-зависеть от кого-либо

rude to-быть грубым с кем-либо

kind to-быть добрым с кем-либо

to go in for-увлекаться чем либо

to be good at-хорошо преуспевать в чем-либо

to famous for-бфть знаменитым

happen to-случиться с кем-либо

to take after-бфть похожим на кого-либо

take off-взлететь(о самолете)

take back-отнести на место

take down-записывать под диктовку

give out-раздавать подарки

give away-отдавать,дарить

give up-отказываться от чего-либо

laugh at-смеяться над кем-либо

make fun of-насмехаться над кем-либо



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1)i am going in the moscow too. du you want to work with us too? we drove the car too in yesterday. i very enjoy for you too. are you swimming too? she can go at the school too. you must bring helen with your brother too. i want kiss you too. 2)i love my sister very much. i want that toy so much. andy much smarter ann. you much beautiful kate, for me. i think you miss with sister very much. i don't know why you stupid so much. she apologizes for her words much. i want pass the exams very much. 3)i had many dolls. do you have many money? she knows that her father have many workers. dave will has many houses. i think he has many friends. why are many peoples at the shop? he doesn't know why that pan. i will tell you many stories . 4)ann has enough knowledge for exams. i have enough money for university . dave has enough music's for you new album . paper doesn't have enough feelings for relations. i am not have enough foods for receiving. dany don't have enough gasoline in your car. in the city not have enough trees. i don't have enough money in the phone .

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