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Как перевести с на : я хотел бы с тобой познакомиться, ты не против?

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1.was able to

2.was able to

3.could-could not



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in the morning  she  cleans her teeth.

he    likes to play with his friends.

  look at the dog! it  is black.but its ears are white.

we  go for a walk with  our pets in the park.

they  washed their hands before lunch.

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1) the room is  being cleaned by a chambermaid2) where is a bell-boy?   a bell-boy is being looked  for  by us.3)shirts  are being washed by  the laundress now.4)  a tv set is  being repaired by a hotel clerk at this moment.5) the room  is being vacated  by then  now.6)  the hotel manager is being waited for by me

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I'd really like to meet you, do you mind?
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i would like to make your acquaintance if you don't mind.   


it will give me great pleasure to make your acquaintance if you don't mind.

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