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Как сказать по-: "просто это слишком странно прозвучало"?

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i loveto learn english.nowi classand ilearned a lot.i am verygrateful shetaught me.englishlanguage isthe languageof the world.i am very interestedto learn english.englishis dividedinto two groups: english andamerican.somewordsseem, and someare different.for example, inenglish  amerekan world осень -  foll, but in english english world осень - autumn.

i am very gladthat i'mstudying english!

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я не мастер , но вроде бы так)1.for the conference a few days ago philip would never come back to his native city.2.for your laziness, some of the work would have been much better.3.if only they had had a pet now.4.if i knew the truth then.5.if it did not rain yesterday,we would enjoyed the trip more.6.if it had been summer, there would have been a lot of flowers in the country.7.for my parents i would not visited paris last year.8.for my mother is telephone call,i would have worried now.9.it nad been summer now.10.if only i visited great britain last year.11.if my friend told me the truth then,i would forget the whole story.12.if i had had enough time now,i would have worked on the computer.

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disorganised behavior (неорганизованое поведение)

calm baby (тихий ребенок)

at a respectful distance на почтительном расстоянии)

reasonable individual (рассудительный человек)

urgent affairs ( дела)

flexible mind (гибкое мышление)

tight dress (тесное платье)

faded buities (увядшие красотки)

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have you ever tried chinese food

he has been to china

she has been to london since she finished the university

they have lived in cario since 199

how long has jack lived in london

mary has met him before

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