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13. open the brackets to complete the sentences. use the passive voice. 1) the first television programmes (to show) at the beginning of the 20 th century. 2) nowadays new television technologies ( to develop). 3) he says the new book ( to discuss) in room 15 now. 4) look! a new school ( to build) in our street. 5) a lot of programmes on tv (to devote) to sport. 6) this fact ( to know) to everybody. 7)
don`t worry! your papers ( to prepare). they`ll be ready soon. 8) these exercises ( to do) yesterday. 9) when nick entered the kitchen, dinner ( to cook). 10) these books ( to sell) everywhere now.

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africa -  africanindia -  indiantropic - tropical

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i am sitting in the park and writing my notes at the moment

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1 easier


3 taller

4the youngest

5 better

6the most popular

7the most intelligent

8 bigger


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1. were shown

2. are developed

3. is being discussed

4. is being built

5. are devoted

6. is known

7. are being prepared

8. were done

9. was being cooked

10. are being sold 

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