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Сответом. образец: i am a dog.- i'm a dog. 1) they are a donkey and a cat.- 2)the donkey does not like winter.- 3) he cannot play snowballs.- 4) it will be sunny.- 5) it will not be rainy.-

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sport is an important part of our life. there are a lot different kinds of sport, such as basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, golf. as for me, my favourite sport is football. firstly, i   really like to watch football matches on tv. it is the most popular game in the world. also i'm fond of playing this game,it is very interesting, active and it helps me to keep fit and to be healthy. that's all i need from sport. 

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1) эту книгу стоит прочитать  - this book is worth reading

2)этот фильм стоит посмотреть  this film is worth watching

3)эту еду стоит попробовать this food is worth trying

4)его не стоит приглашать  he is not worth inviting

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1)i cook biscuits to my husband every weekend.

2)everything in her was beautiful.

3)"everybody can do this" says she.

4) do you want to go with me?

no, thanks.

5) nobody was behind him, "it's really strange" says marko.

6) nothing was good at the party, at all party was terrible!

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1) they're 

2) doesn't

3) can't

4) it'll

5) it won't

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