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Present simple or present continuous 1.choose the correst form of the verb. a. "where`s tom? " "he has/is having a bath." b."do you want an ice-cream? " "no, thanks. i don`t eat/am not eathing ice-cream." c. we cant`t play tennis because it rains/is raining. d. i am not understanding/don`t understand what you are saying. e. what do you do/are you doing tonight?

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1. they can not do this work themselves

2. you may take  my dictionary.

3. you don't look well, you should consult the  doctor.

4. why would i give you my money?

5. she can not  speak any foreign language.

6. he ought to help them, they  need his help.

7. can you tell me the time?

8. may i go with  you? no, you may not.

9. your daughter needn't  have told about it. 

10. in winter we can often skate.

11. you must not miss your  classes.

12. could you play the piano before?

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1 have they finished repaired it?

2 i have given up try

i cant imagine it

i enjoy it on tv

i ve suggested to have a party

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- hi anne how was your  literature lesson today ?

=it was just great ! i realy enjoy this lesson ! its one of my favarite! how about you david? do you like it? ?


-wait let me tell you how he likes it buy the way hi im jane daves sister !

-oh ! hi david didnt tell that he has a sister ! nice to meet you!

-nice to meet you too ! oh i was talking about him he is not a real fan of  literature but iam !

- ohh! how is your favarite writer?

-they are alot of them ! it takes too much time to count and tell them to you !

-i undrastand you ! do you know any thing about fameus russian writer pushkin !  

-yeah ! we just talked about him at last lesson! his one of my favarite though!

-girls arent you tired of these converscion?

- ohh ! sorry dave i already forget that you are here too!  



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a. he is having a bath

b. no, thanks. i don't eat ice-cream.

c. we can't play tennis because it is raining.

d. i don't understand what you are saying.

e. what are you doing tonight?  

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a"where`s tom? "

"he is having a bath."


b."do you want an ice-cream? "

"no,thanks. i don`t eat  ice-cream."


c.we can't play tennis because it is raining.


d.i don`t understand what you are saying.


e.what are you doing tonight?

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