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Перевести предложения на язык: 1. термин, "конституционная монархия" означает что великобританией парламент, а главой государства является монарх. 2.монарх имеет титул короля и дает королевскую санкцию законопроектам,
принятым парламентом. 3. законодательная власть принадлежит парламенту состоящему из двух палат. 4. члены палаты общин реального органа страной избираются народом 5. премьер министр назначается королевой и назначает

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mary used to eat junk food when she was a child but now she keeps fit and prefers healthy food.

10 years ago people used to pay only in cash, but today most people have credit cards.

seven years ago i used to have a motorbike, but now it belongs to my sister as i drive a car.

when he lived in paris, he used to eat frogs every weekend, but now he lives in india and he eats indian food every second day.

when her granddaughter was a kid she used to believe that snow was made of ice cream.

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7a.m. - he gets up 7 - 7.30 a.m. - he takes a shower, breakfast 8 a.m. – he goes to school 8.30 -14.00 -he has lessons at school 14 p.m. – he has dinner 14 – 16 p.m. – he goes for a walk 16 – 18 p.m. – he does homework 18 – 18.30 p.m. – he has supper 18.30 – 20.00 p.m. – he goes for a walk 20 – 21.30 p.m. – he reads books, watches tv, plays computer games 21.30 p.m. – he takes a shower 22.00 p.m. – he goes to bed
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b: then where have you been? (present perfect)

a: oh, nowhere. i wanted (past simple) to go to america two years ago,but now i don't want to go there.

b: why?

a: i understood (past simple) that my wish is impossible, so i abandoned(past simple) that idea. 

и 2-я

b: have you heard some interesting news? (present perfect)

a: no.

b: i heard (past simple) that brian flunked (past simple) his exam last week. 

a: why did (past simple)he flunk the exam?

b: he lost (past simple)his homework, so he didn't repeat a topic.(past simple)

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1)the term "constitutional monarchy" means that the uk controls parliament and head of state is the monarch.  2)monarh has the title of king and gives royal assent bill passed by parliament. 3). legislative power is vested in parliament consisting of two houses.  4) members of the house of commons of the real body elected by the people running the country.5) the prime minister is appointed by the queen and appoints cabinet.

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