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Перевести предложения на язык: 1. термин, "конституционная монархия" означает что великобританией парламент, а главой государства является монарх. 2.монарх имеет титул короля и дает королевскую санкцию законопроектам,
принятым парламентом. 3. законодательная власть принадлежит парламенту состоящему из двух палат. 4. члены палаты общин реального органа страной избираются народом 5. премьер министр назначается королевой и назначает

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i have some friends.i think everyone must have friends.because they can keep my secrets.they can always help me when i have problems.each time my friends and i get together to have a good laugh and do different things.nothing can replace good friends.and i have my best friend.her name is linda.she is a pretty girl.her hair is long and dark.she is thin and tall.her nose is turned-up.her eyes are brown.she is very funny and loyal.i can always turn to her for advice.it is important to have loyal friend!

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1. they won't buy the computer. - future simple.

2. he will be busy. - future simple.

3. next december i will be eleven. - future simple.

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did you find it?      

did your friendgive to you it?

did you wrehe get it?

what is it?

wrehe you do keep it?          

  do you like it?                                                                          


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1)the term "constitutional monarchy" means that the uk controls parliament and head of state is the monarch.  2)monarh has the title of king and gives royal assent bill passed by parliament. 3). legislative power is vested in parliament consisting of two houses.  4) members of the house of commons of the real body elected by the people running the country.5) the prime minister is appointed by the queen and appoints cabinet.

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