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Составьте предложения 1) lives, in, my, moscow, close, now, friend. 2) as a rule, the, spends, he, his, at, holidays, seaside 3) sunday, very, am, i, on, busy 4) often, helps, when, he, his, i, help, need, me. 5) glad, to, she, see, very, is, me, always. 6) nothing, is, about, to there, think

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многие отрасли промышленности великобритании с состоят из независимых семейных предприятий1 решение

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1)the .lily-of-the-valley.. is a beautiful spring flower.

2)there are a lot of..islands. in the pacific ocean.

3)the baikal is the ..deepest. lake in the world.

4)masha spent her holidays on the black sea .coast..

5)moscow is a very ..large. city.

6)the mississippi is a .large.. river, it is the ..largest. river in the usa.

7)the mississippi .flows..south.

8)the urals is a famous .chain.. of mountains.

9)is the volga a .deep.. river.

10)there are four .parts.. in great britan.  they are england,wales,scotland and northern ireland.

11)are there any .plains.. in europe?

12)washington, d.c. lies.. on the potomac river.

13)the forest was .stretching.. to the east.

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2)see,watch, look

3) what,who,when,where,why, how

4) video,game, book, television,film

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1) now my close friend lives in moscow . 2) as a rule he spends his holidays at the seaside . 3) i’m very busy on sunday .4)  when i need help he often helps me .5)  she is always glad to see me .6) there is nothing to think about .

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