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Используя предлагаемые слова, видоизмените предложения 1) they travel very much (in summer, in the caucasus) 2) she teaches with pleasure (english, us) 3) i must tell you about myself. (many things, first of all) 4) he is the person i want to see (now, last) 5) i have to wait ages at the bus stop. ( every morning, for a bus) 6) there are discussions (lively,
at his seminars)

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1.he is the strongest boy in our class

2.that cake is the worst

3.my book was more interesting than his book

4.he was the most handsome man in the family

5.his flat was bigger than his friend's

1.maths is easier than history for me

2.his backpack is lighter than mine

3.their camping stove is cheaper than ours

4.my torch is better than yours

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1. какой твой любимый предмет?

например ответь: maths ()

2. кто твой любимый учитель в школе? почему?

например: teacher of history. he is very kind and funny (учитель . он добрый и веселый)

3. в какое время вы обычно едите в школе?

например: at 11 (в 11)

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Дубровский добрый герой пушкина.он был другом богатея,и стал его врагом.представляю его себе великодушным,умным,храбрым.независимый
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1) in summer they travel very much in the caucasus. или they travel very much in the caucasus in summer. 2) she teaches us english with pleasure. 3) first of all, i must tell you many things about myself. 4) he is the last person i want to see now. 5) every morning i have to wait ages for a bus at the bus stop. 6) there are lively discussions at his seminars.

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had prepared

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choose the correct answer.

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were you waiting
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you were waiting
you waited

2) when i was young i (want) to be a pilot.

were wanting
had wanted
was wanting

3) she was a beautiful woman. she always (attract) a lot of men.

was attracted
was attracting

4) (be) it difficult to find a new job?

was it being
it was
was it
were it

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did not have
were not having
was not having
had not

6) jane (not be) at home yesterday evening.

was not
were not
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