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Используя предлагаемые слова, видоизмените предложения 1) they travel very much (in summer, in the caucasus) 2) she teaches with pleasure (english, us) 3) i must tell you about myself. (many things, first of all) 4) he is the person i want to see (now, last) 5) i have to wait ages at the bus stop. ( every morning, for a bus) 6) there are discussions (lively,
at his seminars)

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4)relate well

5)a party

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i watch some interesting films,

i watch some interesting dreams.

i do my homework every day,

i want to visit italy !

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1) he doesn*t like to ride a bike

2)she doesn*t like to swim in swimming pool

3) she doesn*t like to dance

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1) in summer they travel very much in the caucasus. или they travel very much in the caucasus in summer. 2) she teaches us english with pleasure. 3) first of all, i must tell you many things about myself. 4) he is the last person i want to see now. 5) every morning i have to wait ages for a bus at the bus stop. 6) there are lively discussions at his seminars.

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