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Составьте предложения 1) lives, in, my, moscow, close, now, friend. 2) as a rule, the, spends, he, his, at, holidays, seaside 3) sunday, very, am, i, on, busy 4) often, helps, when, he, his, i, help, need, me. 5) glad, to, she, see, very, is, me, always. 6) nothing, is, about, to there, think

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одним из них является мундир beefeaters в лондонском тауэре

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if they really wanted to do that and imprint on some material thing they could buy a camera at the local store regardless of higher price.

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so, you're asking me about the hobbies in diverse countries? well, i think there are  various hobbies  in diverse countries. in my opinion, the difference of hobbies depends on climatiс conditions in different countries. i would list some of the russian hobbies; here they are: fishing, hunting, football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, skating , bicycling, skateboarding.

as for my family's hobbies, my father is fond of fishing, mysister likes roller skating and i play  badminton.

i hope you passed your exam greatly. which  subject did you pass? was the exam difficult?

кликни "лучшее решение", если несложно.

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1)now my friend lives in moscow

2)as a rule, he spends his holidays at the seaside.

3)i am very busy on sunday.

4)he often helps me when i need his help.

5)she is very glad to see me. 

6) здесь кажется что-то пропущено

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1)my close friend lives in moscow now

2) as a rule, he spends his holiday at the seaside.

3) i am very busy on sunday.

4) she is always very glad to see me.

5) there is nothing to think about.

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