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Answer the questions: 1.when was j. turner born? 2.what was his father's job? 3.j. turner was very fond of nature, wasn't he? 4.what did he like to draw during his trips? 5.what was j. turner famouse for? 6.what kind of pictures did he paint? 7.j. turner wasn't a master of water-colours, was he?

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have you ever tried chinese food

he has been to china

she has been to london since she finished the university

they have lived in cario since 199

how long has jack lived in london

mary has met him before

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1) hospital students find extra-curricular activities very practical

2)   using this item requires ongoing evaluation.

3)   i will get a master’s diploma if i retake this exam

4) he repeated all the rules for the seminar when he was in the hostel

5) when i graduated from this course, student favor annoyed me

6)   this course goes deep into the subject, but makes me independent

7) this university has no special facilities or even a hostel

8) the teacher constantly evaluates term papers, and we may not pass the exam

вроде так. ☺

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1.when was j.turner born?

joseph turner was born in 1775.


2.what was his father's job?

his father was a barber.


3.j.turner was very fond of nature,wasn't he?

yes, he was.


4.what did he like to draw during his trips?

he liked to draw ruined abbeys and castles during his trips.


5.what was j.turner famouse for?

turner was famous for the wonderful colours in his pictures.


6.what kind of pictures did he paint?

he painted landscapes and sea pictures.


7.j.turner wasn't a master of water-colours,was he?

no, he was.







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