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Answer the guestions. 1)where do people live? 2)what do people do for living? 3)what colour of skin(eyes)have people got? 4)what kind of hair may people have? 5)how are we different? 6)in what ways are we alike?

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1. ташкент ( tashkent).
2. лондон. ( london).
3. амударья ( amyderya).
4. северн ( severn ).
5. евразия ( eurasia).
6. австралия ( australia).
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was born

have been living


will move

have regretted

are reminded


are having



are playing

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i am going to spend this weekend at home. ususally, i do my lessons, read books and play computer games on weekends. this weekend i have plans to go to some interesing places. these may be a museum, one of city's gardens. if the wather is good, i will ride my bike on sunday and may work in the garden on saturday. part of the holidays i send helping about the house. one or two weekends a month i visit grandparents: there i eat some nice food. if i sleep a lot, i risk to miss some of the plans for a weekend.


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people live on the earth.


people help make the world a better place.


the colour of the skin: skin,white,black,red,yellow.


eye color: каррие,blue,green,grey.

hair color: brown,brown.

same people do not.


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