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Правильно составить предложения. your where headmaster*s in school is the office? do often you to the room nurse> s? is there large computer a study in school our. can you miss staff alison find room in the.

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we can’t image our life without travelling. thousands of people travel every day either on business or for pleasure. and i’m sure that it’s great to feel a million miles away from your problems and daily routine. speaking about my first journey i should say that it was the longest journey i had ever undertaken — it lasted 31 hours. it was a trip from the ukraine to bulgaria five years ago. that was a remarkable journey during which i crossed the borders of three countries. my mother and i were travelling together to a seaside resort. that was a coach journey and to our delight, the coach was fitted with certain comforts, such as: air condition (conditioning), self-reclining seats, tv entertainment and etc. on the way we had to pass passport and customs control several times which required at least an hour in each case. in bulgaria we stopped in a wonderful five-star hotel. our room was tidy and very comfortable! from the balcony we had a magnificent view of the sea. speaking about the food, it was delicious and variable (diverse). but most of all i loved our warm and clean pool. it was big, with sea water. the sea was also warm. i made sandcastles at the seaside and collected shells. one more thing that i really liked was the picturesque mountains. their view was breathtaking. in fact it’s rather difficult to speak about my impressions, because they are too numerous. but i hope that in future i’ll visit the most famous and beautiful place

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1 what

2 why

3 where

4 when

5 who

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лондон построен на темзе. в лондоне много мостов, мотому что людям необходимо пересекать речку. самый большой мост - тауерский мост. (башенный мост). ему более ста лет. он выглядит как замок. тауерский мост более 40 метров в длину. это 2 моста. вы можете подняться вверх, затеи пересечь мост. вид - фантастический. большие лодки могут проходить под тауерским мостом, так как его две части поднимаются вверх. машины и автобусы должны ждать пока мост закроется снова. мост открывается более 900 раз каждый год.

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where is the headmaster’s office in school?    

do you often ********* to the nurse’s room?          

there is a large computer study in our school.         

you can find miss alison in the staff room.


во втором предложении пропущен глагол. проверь. он должен стоять на месте звездочек.

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