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Change the sentences with never to sentences with not yet and the other way round это 1) i've never been to the zoo. 2)i haven't been to the africa yet. 3) mr. rambler hasn't been to kenya yet. 4) my brother as never seen a fox in the wild 5) they've never travelled to australia. 6)she's never touched a kangaroo.

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i want to go to the theater. (я хочу сходить в театр)

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1) tom can*t sing.

2 ) his pen  isn't  long.

3) jess hasn't  got  a big cockerel.

4)  a fox isn*t black.

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1) i have not been to the zoo yet.

2)i've never been to the africa.

3) mr.rambler has never been to kenya.

4) my brother has not seen a fox in the wild yet.

5) they have not travelled to australia yet.

6)she has not touched a kangaroo yet.

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