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What is the role of the big powers in the world

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sport is an important part of our life. there are a lot different kinds of sport, such as basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, golf. as for me, my favourite sport is football. firstly, i   really like to watch football matches on tv. it is the most popular game in the world. also i'm fond of playing this game,it is very interesting, active and it helps me to keep fit and to be healthy. that's all i need from sport. 

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1. please, act your age! 2. let's read this text aloud. 3. do you attend english classes? 4. you may use your dictionary if you need. 5. i can translate this sentence without a dictionary. 6. my project is the best, i'm sure! 7. look at the back cover of this book! 8. your advice was very useful, thank you! 9. would you like a single or a return ticket? 10. you can't make tea without water.
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i am watching tv now.

he is reading book in this moment.

she is doing exersice for her leg now.

jonh is cleaning her room in this moment.

i am doing my homework now.

my brother is playing football in this moment.


данный предложение элементарны. можете добавить что-нибудь, усложнить, распространить причинами, условиями и т.д. 

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a  great power  is a  country  that has the ability to exert its influence on a global scale. goverment of this country   has  economic capability, political stability   and military strength. today we can see a multinational forums like    the  european union  and the  group of eight. countries of g8  have  heavy responsibility for whole world because of their  nuclear weapons  and  large economies.the top of major powers in the world are expected to resolve tensions around the world and promote peace. i think everyone have to know:   significant   powers have existed throughout history, it is important part of our life, with  big powers we can   work out solutions to global problems together


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