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Вставте артикаль a или an plance, gallery, actors. politicnian, enjoy, town, famous park, active part, interesting, adventures, answer, islands, character, london, history, agata christie, author, know, independent, newspaper.

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you can give money, or some stuff to this family.

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mike- hi,victor!

victor-hi, how are you?

mike-- i am fine,thanks. do you want to go to the skating - rink?

victor-i*d love to but i can*t.


victor-i*m not well. i am ill. i* ve caught a cold and have a high temperature

mike--oh i am sorry.i*d love to go to there with you.

victor-so do i.

mike--don*t worry.see you soon.get well!

victor- bye.

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1. those pens are mine.

множественное число, потому что are.

2 this bike is my brother's.

единственное число, потому что is.

3 these tomatoes are big.

множественное число, т.к. томатов несколько.

4 those girls are in my class.

множественное число, потому что девушек несколько.

5 these are jack's cds.

множественное, т.к. are.

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Aplace, a gallery, actors, a politician, enjoy, a town, a famous park, an active part, interesting, adventures, an answer, islands, a character, london, history, agata christie, an author, know, independent, a newspaper. 

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