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Fill in is or are, he*s, i*m, she*s, they*re. 1how ,thanks. . well, thanks you. ,thanks. . ,thanks. well, thank you.

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Нет прости это сложно честно бы я тебе
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1)how was he made listen to you?

2)i'm allowed to live in a small caravan behind farmer's house.

3)andrew will be made pay the money back.

4)just imagine! the old lady was made wait for them more than an hour.

5)i'm allowed to look through my granny's old photographs.

6)i'm never allowed to go to the river alone.

7)i wasn't allowed to see what she was doing. 

8)little ann was made smile.

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пояснення: переведи а потом сложи на а потом переведи

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1how   is your mum? she's fine,thanks.2how are your parents? they're ok.3how are you? i'm very well,thanks you.4how is your uncle? he's fine,thanks.5how are your children? they're  ok.6how is liz? she's  fine,thanks.7how is your cousin? she's/he's  very well,thank you  .




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